First Year: A Look Back

2018 and was a very busy and productive year. I learned more about growing cut flowers than my brain could handle at some points. There were many unforeseen obstacles – like wind, unseasonally high heat and bugs I had never heard of in my life – umm, thrips anybody. The biggest challenge was surviving after the babysitter quit without any notice and my little guy who was about 6 months got to join the team – he handled it like the amazing little guy he is!   Weeds took over, school started, Labor Day happened and even a bought with some unnamed virus. Through it all the flowers continued to do their job and the kids and I watered and harvested up until the end of September.  The flowers were beautiful and we had a lot of fun as a family watching bees and butterflies sprint around the garden. That said, here are some of the exciting lessons learned that will be applied to 2019:

  1. Plant wind-breaker shrubs to border field and decrease wind pressure
  2. Plant “bait” plants to distract pests
  3. Use re-usable landscape fabric for slow growing crops
  4. Build a team 
  5. Use drip tape versus hand watering
  6. Create a compost pile(s)
  7. Plant more seeds!
  8. Keep…going…and…learning

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