Thank you for your interest in purchasing shares. Each share is represented as a voucher that you can exchange for a fresh, organically raised bouquet. The money will help to get the flower production up and running so you can have access to fresh, local flowers for years to come!

There are 22 weeks each season where flowers are available and you can decide when you want to use your vouchers (May 1 - October 1).

For latest and most up-to-date information please visit the Facebook page:

How do vouchers work?

The 2020 market bouquets will come in 2 sizes - small/medium and large. All bouquets will come with unique, locally grown flowers.

There will be bouquets available at the store for $6-$8 (small/medium) and $12 (large) and you can use your voucher like $12 in cash towards the flowers. You could use one voucher and buy 2 smaller bouquets or 1 large bouquet.

The perk to buying the voucher in advance is you get a $2-$4 "bonus" per voucher- the more you buy, the more you save. If you purchase 5 vouchers, you save $10. If you purchase 10 vouchers, you save $40 etc.  This money upfront helps me tremendously with the start-up costs for the business (seeds and equipment).

Each voucher costs $10 and you can purchase as many as you like up to 10 vouchers, at 10+ vouchers the rate is $8 per vouchers saving you even more. You can purchase vouchers until March 15, 2020. After March 15, flowers can be purchased at the store with or without a voucher for listed price.

Where do I get my bouquet(s)?

Thursday - Saturday: the store is now open! Kreeger's Country Market located at 6995 Fowlerville Road, Fowlerville MI 48836.

**Delivery may be available especially if you request a large number at one time

**For any vouchers purchased in 2018 or 2019 I will deliver to your in Howell or you can cash in your vouchers as I will not be returning to the Howell Farmer's Market this year - hoping to get back in a few years when the kids are a little older 🙂

How do I get a subscription?

  1. Contact Kim Kreeger at or call me at (517)375-4128.
  2. I will send you a form to collect your data and invoice you for the subscription
  3. Once payment is made, I will mail to you or deliver to you, the vouchers.
  4. End date to purchase a subscription is March 15 of the current season.
  5. Order and pay online

What if I don't use all my vouchers?

Vouchers carry over each year and do not expire.

Can I gift my voucher to people?

Yes! They make great gifts!

What flowers are in the Bouquets?

It will depend on the week. I will try to post what is blooming weekly to this site. You can always stop by the farm to pick the flowers you like best.

Here are the flowers planned for the 2019 year. It is just an estimate and subject to change.

Spring May/June: tulips (purple, yellow, pink, white, pastel mix), blooming branches, lilacs, ranunculus, stock, privet, rocket flower, ornamental grasses, lilies, dill

Summer July/August: snap dragons, asters, cosmos, dahlias, lilies, lisianthus, triloba, sedum, zinnia, sunflowers, privet, fillers

Fall: asters, cosmos, dahlias, sedum, triloba, sunflowers, zinnias, dill, decorative gourds/pumpkins, corn stalks, Chinese lanterns